Friday, February 25, 2011

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are some of my favorite work out moves, mostly because they get your abs, shoulders, back, legs, and heart burning all at once.

Step 1: Find yourself in a perfect plank position
Step 2: Jump one leg up as if you are at the starting line of a sprinting race
Step 3: Jump the other leg up to the same position as step 2, switching legs
Step 4: Do it over and over again until you can't do anymore
Step 5: Do 10 more past the hardest burn

Start at about 20 reps (each leg rotation) and try to work up to at least 50

Best of luck!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good Mornings

I have heard this lift called lots of different things - Good Mornings, Hamstring Lift, Zombie Lift.  I don't care what its called - but its great for your lower back, buns, and especially the backs of your legs - the hamstrings. 

Start with your feet about shoulder width apart.  Keep your knees as straight as possible (only slight bend if necessary).  All you do is bend forward at your waist as far as you can (depends on flexibility) and then TIGHTEN those buns (and as always the abs) to pull yourself back up.  You can clasp your hands together behind your back - but you don't have to.  The key is to keep your shoulders back and don't round your back as your bend forward.  With your hands in that position, it will keep you from cheating for sure!! 

Go at a comfortable pace down and up - 50 times . . . 2 to 3 sets.  You will feel those hamstings tomorrow!!  Do it with a kid on your back and really feel the burn.  :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I think every woman should do push-ups everyday.  It is one of the greatest moves for toning your arms in the whole world.  Especially when you vary your hand placement and speed of the push-ups. 
 Also - the majority of women cannot do very many regular push-ups (me included).  For toning purposes, it is better to do more push-ups girly style (on the knees).  MAKE SURE to keep your ABS TIGHT (pull that belly button into your spine) and TIGHTEN those BUNS!!!
  Various hand positions: Normal (shown above), wide, narrow (make a triangle with pointer fingers and thumbs).   Burn your triceps by keeping your elbows close to your body as you lower your body. 
Different inclines will also target different muscles: use your counter top or put your feet/knees up on your couch and do push-ups - and pretty much any other angle you can think of.

20 - 30 reps.  AT LEAST 3 SETS. 

Another variation is the shoulder push up - this still works most of the arm muscles but also targets heavy on the shoulders and lats.   Its pretty much a push-up in downward dog.  Bend those elbows and touch your head to the floor . . . or as low as you can and still get it back up.

Smaller muscles doing the work so 10 - 15 reps, 3 sets. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

When we were kids . . .

Remember how much energy we had when we were kids??  These are two moves that we probably could have done all day long as kiddos, but try them now for a minute at a time and you will feel it!!  Do them together (alternate between sets) and you have a decent full body work out. 
Both of these are fun and your kids are sure to join you.
 SKIPPING - either in place or around the house.  Really use those arms and get that knee up as high as possible jumping as high as possible.  Flex that butt cheek and thigh on your straight leg in the air!!  Great for calves, buns, thighs and even abs!!   Skip for one minute at a time (if you are doing it right you will be tired!!) and do 3 - 5 sets . . . or go as long as you want!!  This one really gets your heart rate up!!

CRAB WALKS - Remember doing these across a gym floor in elementary school??? Not so easy now.  Like the funny man in the picture - get your bum as high as you can so you make a table top with your body.  If you can turn your fingers so they are pointing at your heels.  If that pinches your shoulder or is uncomfortable, turn them out, preferably no more than 90 degrees.  Tighten BUNS and ABS!!!  And  CRAB WALK around the house.  Go for ONE MINUTE at a time - once again - 3-5 sets or as many as you can!!  You will feel the burn!!  To make it even harder - have your kids sit on your tummy and give them a ride!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011



 One of the most basic and good for your whole body moves that you can do.  Its an essential one.  There are about 100+ variations and rotations to mix it up (but we have to save some for later).  The high and low planks are about the same, but emphasizes some different arm muscles in each.


HOLD PLANK  (high or low or a couple of each)  for 30 sec. to 1 min.
One LONG rep.  Do 3 - 5 sets. 
Don't forget to BREATHE steady throughout the hold. 

Friday, January 21, 2011


Find anything in your house you can step-up on, preferably at least 2 feet high.  I use a tub full of baby clothes.  A kitchen chair could work great too.  One leg at a time . . step up and bring the opposite knee up as high as you can (optional - but it will engage the abs).  Be sure to squeeze bum cheek of the step up leg at the top!!  30-50 reps each leg.  2-3 sets.