Friday, February 4, 2011

When we were kids . . .

Remember how much energy we had when we were kids??  These are two moves that we probably could have done all day long as kiddos, but try them now for a minute at a time and you will feel it!!  Do them together (alternate between sets) and you have a decent full body work out. 
Both of these are fun and your kids are sure to join you.
 SKIPPING - either in place or around the house.  Really use those arms and get that knee up as high as possible jumping as high as possible.  Flex that butt cheek and thigh on your straight leg in the air!!  Great for calves, buns, thighs and even abs!!   Skip for one minute at a time (if you are doing it right you will be tired!!) and do 3 - 5 sets . . . or go as long as you want!!  This one really gets your heart rate up!!

CRAB WALKS - Remember doing these across a gym floor in elementary school??? Not so easy now.  Like the funny man in the picture - get your bum as high as you can so you make a table top with your body.  If you can turn your fingers so they are pointing at your heels.  If that pinches your shoulder or is uncomfortable, turn them out, preferably no more than 90 degrees.  Tighten BUNS and ABS!!!  And  CRAB WALK around the house.  Go for ONE MINUTE at a time - once again - 3-5 sets or as many as you can!!  You will feel the burn!!  To make it even harder - have your kids sit on your tummy and give them a ride!

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