Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good Mornings

I have heard this lift called lots of different things - Good Mornings, Hamstring Lift, Zombie Lift.  I don't care what its called - but its great for your lower back, buns, and especially the backs of your legs - the hamstrings. 

Start with your feet about shoulder width apart.  Keep your knees as straight as possible (only slight bend if necessary).  All you do is bend forward at your waist as far as you can (depends on flexibility) and then TIGHTEN those buns (and as always the abs) to pull yourself back up.  You can clasp your hands together behind your back - but you don't have to.  The key is to keep your shoulders back and don't round your back as your bend forward.  With your hands in that position, it will keep you from cheating for sure!! 

Go at a comfortable pace down and up - 50 times . . . 2 to 3 sets.  You will feel those hamstings tomorrow!!  Do it with a kid on your back and really feel the burn.  :)

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